Sushi restaurant

Situated in Quebec, Tokyo Sushi Bar prepares sushi dishes according to Japanese tradition.

Our restaurant is well known in both Laval and Longueuil.

Sushi, the original culinary heritage of Japan

Tokyo Sushi Bar wants you to discover or re-discover the unique taste of sushi.The recipe for sushi is made up of vinagared rice and raw fish or shell fish.Our chef combines his culinary talent with his imagination so that you feel the total Japanese experience.Our dishes are equal only to our passion for Asian cuisine.Enthusiastic and strict, we also delivery service and catering.

“Immerse yourself in Japanese culture and taste our delicious sushis”

Sushi restaurant  Montréal

Sushis prepared in the best Japanese tradition

Tokyo Sushi Bar makes its sushis for refined tastes.All of our ingredients (fish, rice, etc.) and our sauces are prepared with care and careful attention to hygiene.Our menu is very varied; you’ll be spoiled for choice.Whether you are a true gourmand, or just curious to try something new, spend some time with us in a true Japanese ambiance.Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

“Sushi is the symbolic dish of Japan”

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