Asian fusion

In Montreal, Quebec, Tokyo Sushi Bar will delight your taste buds with its Asian Fusion cuisine.

We welcome everyone in the greater Montreal area.

Not your everyday dinners

Tokyo Sushi Bar invites you to try its Asian Fusion dishes.We offer a private room for up to 20 people for your use.In all of our dishes, you can find the all the flavors of South East Asia: sushi, hot plates, etc. The seasonings, sauces and condiments are delicately blended to create these wonderful dishes.

“A modern cuisine inspired by the finest Asian dishes”

Fusion Asiatique  Montréal

A blend of tastes, an exceptional menu

Tokyo Sushi Bar offers fusion cuisine with all the colors of Asia.The aromas, the textures, the spices, the ingredients; they are blended in such a way that in an instant, you will realize that you are in the presence of true gastronomy.When you dine at our restaurant, prepare to have a culinary experience without equal, with your friends, family or business colleagues.

“Dishes that take on a multitude of flavors”

What you need to know about Asian Fusion dishes:

  • Rich in proteins
  • A wide variety of dishes
  • Contain little fat

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